Testimonials for Geoff Grace

This Bitter Earth

Geoff Grace recently scored the movie This Bitter Earth, which is expected to debut in theaters later this year.

The film's director—David Lee Rawlings—said about Geoff Grace, "His unparalleled ear for hearing the exact right pitch and emotion made every scene he scored soar triumphantly. Whether it was a tug-at-the-heartstrings moment, a light melodic romp, or the film-ending crescendo, Geoff was able to tap into his immense musical talents and add the perfect orchestral accompaniment. I interviewed and listened to the score samples of a multitude of composers before selecting Geoff for this project – a selection that proved the perfect decision for me. I was especially pleased with Geoff's professionalism and willingness to listen to my input then seamlessly deliver timely and expertly crafted music cues. I encourage anyone who is currently seeking a musical composer or may be in need of one for an upcoming film or TV project to strongly consider utilizing the extensive talents of Mr. Geoff Grace. You will be eternally pleased you did."

Maddie Madsen – Executive Director–Business and Creative at 5 Alarm Music and Rescue Records:
"Geoff is an excellent arranger and composer. He works quickly, within budget and his sounds are top notch. I was very impressed working with him and would recommend him for any live gigs, composing gigs and scoring or arranging jobs."

David Hilker – President at 2 da Groove Productions, Fervor Records, and CEO at Wild Whirled Music:
"Geoff Grace is an industry pro with a vast array of skill sets. His knowledge of music, composition, orchestration and technology compliment his first-rate musicianship and creativity. Geoff's excellent people and communication skills land him at the top of list for a wide array of music and production needs."

Shy – Recording artist, produced by Geoff Grace:
"Geoff is one of a kind, talented, human, and a pleasure to be around. I had the pleasure to work with him on several occasions; and needless to say, the results were amazing and the process was nothing but creative fun. Simply put, a musical genius."

Ernie Rideout – Former Editor in Chief at Keyboard Magazine and Marketing Director at Stanford Jazz Workshop:
"In my capacity as Editor in Chief of Keyboard magazine, I always looked for writers who were masters of the musical and technical subject matter. In addition, the quality that I valued most in a contributor was the ability to make the music and musicianship inherent in the activity itself jump out at the reader.

Geoff does this naturally because he is a domain expert of the first order, and a consummate musician as well. When I assigned something to Geoff, I knew it would come in on time and on spec.

It's a huge plus that Geoff is so warm and personable, too. How many stars can I give someone? I give Geoff all the stars."

Craig Anderton – Editor in Chief at Harmony Central and Executive Editor at EQ Magazine:
"Although I've never hired Geoff, I have interacted with him for many years on my Sound, Studio, and Stage forum (and we also write for some of the same magazines). He has done everything from troubleshoot an esoteric Mac problem I was having (successfully!) to help out others with his technical and musical knowledge, both of which are deep and broad. I've always been impressed by his professional attitude, courtesy, and helpfulness."

Ian Crombie – Executive Director at West Coast Songwriters:
"Geoff Grace is a talented arranger. We had Geoff do a workshop on arranging at our annual Conference. It received rave reviews. I would highly recommend him."